The black terrier has a rich hair layer. Beautiful, well-groomed, properly trimmed hair is the Blackie’s pride!

However, this fur coat naturally needs care.

All dogs have different hair, some have it more stiff and it does not require much attention and is easier to look after with less amount of undercoat and is generally more straight. This kind of hair is enough to brush once 1-1.5 months.

But there are also dogs with very thick hair full with undercoat, and it is the case of owners needing to spend enough time on brushing, about once every two weeks.

The hair must be brushed thoroughly, from the roots to the tips. Some inexperienced owners brush only the surface layer while around the roots there forms a thick layer of hair tangled in knots. Therefore pay good attention and make sure to check the results of your work carefully!

The dog is easier and better brushed after bathing, when the hair is clean and dry. We recommend using shampoo after washing. Additionally you could use brushing sprays that simplify the process a lot.

We recommend washing the dog proportionally to the dirt adding up, which depends on living and keeping conditions, as well as weather.

We would also recommend washing the dog once a month, after which to thoroughly brush it.

Brush it once more after two weeks.

Of course the brushing frequency depends on hair length. Therefore if you cut your pet’s hair regularly, it will be easier to look after it!

The Blackie’s coat is better cut once every 1.5-2 months; case in point here is the so-called exhibition trim, meaning a trim that is required by the breed standard.

Show grooming

During the summer, to simplify taking care of the dog or just in case you feel like it, you can give your dog a “hygiene haircut”: you feel good and the does not get too hot either!

Hygiene haircut

You should bear in mind though that if you go to exhibitions, the hygiene haircut will most likely not suit to your pet, since it takes approximately 4-5 months for the hair to grow out and meet exhibition conditions.

In taking care of dog hair you also need to pay close attention to the “decorative hair”, which comprises beard, mustache, fringe, hair on legs and lower chest. It is recommended that you clean and brush the hair there slightly more frequently.

Wash the beard and mustache after the last feeding before going to bed, using shampoo, if not every day, then at least twice a week.

If you notice white spots in beard hair or “porridge-like” bloom, then it is fungus. In that case, treat the hair and skin on the dog chin with anti-fungus ointments, such as Nistatin ointment.

The fringe hair can be tied up in a bun or a pigtail with soft hair ribbons.

It preserves hair and improves the dog’s vision

Notice that the dog should be groomed by a Groomer, so if you count on getting good results at an exhibition, you should experiment on your own! A professional groomer will take care of your pet’s fur coat quickly and efficiently!

Tools needed for hair care with black terriers:

Brush for combing


Stripping device for removal of undercoat


Slicker brush for combing up hair before the ring at an exhibition or simply before a walk.

Good luck!



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